Monday, July 19, 2010

You can make cupcakes from Whale Blubber.

I am beginning to feel The Force's presence in my belly. At first it felt like like pats in three and then silence. That was last week. This week it's beginning to feel like digestion. As if I just ate a big block of cheese and it's making it's way through my uterus. I wonder if The Force can hear me, if he gets a sense of who I am by residing inside of me.
As my belly grows, I am also growing into a new person. Slowly, the hormones that are changing my breasts and belly are also soaking into my brain, making me think (and worry) or what the future holds for the Doring-Preston's. Light panic begins as I think about my weak Hebrew level and the lessons in English I will need to prepare to insure my children are fluent in our native language. My imagination can run into 18 years from now and I wonder what state Israel will be in when I hit my middle age.

And then sometimes my only thought is: are freckles genetic?


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At 7/22/2010 9:10 AM, Blogger cornflake girl said...

Tell the Force I say wassup and give him a high five.


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