Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finding life at the dead sea

A last minute escape for the weekend brought P Bonez and I to the Dead Sea. I can’t tell you how much this weekend was needed. When I was in college, I never explored nor desired weekends away. I would spend all my free time working to pay for my general expenses. Staying up late with knots in my back, carrying trays for a living.

There is something priceless about walking into a sparse cold room, double the size of your own bedroom, and having a bathroom freshly cleaned and waiting for you to pour a long warm bath. This experience was lightly delayed due to our initial room smelling like an ashtray. In Israel, it is still legal to smoke in hotel rooms. The Le Meridien hotel allows smoking in all rooms, so it’s really a luck of the draw. Luckily, our draw landed us in an even better room than before. With a larger bathroom and a massive patio peeking over the salt water pools below and a light view of the dead sea.

Aside from P Bonez forcing us to order massages, the first day has already been a satisfying swim, massive breakfast and a float in the salt pool. A popular destination for German tourists, I’ve been able to soak in some German TV and catch up on my literary reading. The bed is so big that we couldn’t find one another when we woke up this morning. P Bonez had to text his coordinates and we were able to discover one another’s location.

Happy Weekend to us.

Monday, June 21, 2010

16 Weeks

This morning I didn't even hear my alarm. Granted, every morning it usually goes off at 5:40 a.m, I am one of those people who wake up the moment the first sound is emitted from my Nokia.
Pregnancy is doing that to me.
Summer has joined the Doring-Preston household in such a fashion that we're already playing catch up with our lives. P Bonez and myself are knee deep in freelance work so much that we haven't showered in 5 days. There's the constant buzzing of the Vuvuzela in our brains, in our souls and banging our heads against the couch in unison has not helped.
Aside from that, The force is growing inside and my belly is beginning to pop out, especially after lunch. This new found look has illicited unwanted comments, especially from my coworker who said the following in one mouthfull just yesterday:

"When I was pregnant with twins I wasn't showing as much as you are right now"
"I told you to watch yourself, I can tell you're going to get really really really big."
".....and then it's going to be really really hard to lose the weight".
Flabbergasted, I didn't know how to respond except that I have gained the normal chart gain for a 16 week pregnancy. Today however, that initial shock has worn off and now i'm just fuming. If you put a mirror again my ear it will fog up from the steam. I guess I just didn't think normal humans would talk that way to someone else, but welcome to Israel, where it's encouraged to act like a monkey.
Don't believe me?
Look at our politicans.

Friday, June 04, 2010

A thought at 6 weeks (almost 7 weeks ago)

Last night I had a “moment” with P Bonez as he was doing the washing up. “Do you know what happens this week?” I ask him as I lean against the refrigerator. He calmly replies that he must begin working on his “BBQ table” before our annual Independence Day BBQ in the last remaining backyard in Jerusalem.

No no, I explain. “Do you know what happens with The Force this week?” I say motioning to my beer belly that has yet to evolve into the perky pregnancy belly that women all over the world can envy.

“I don’t” he simply replies. This is an obvious reflection that the last six weeks have not fazed him. At this very moment, I realize that this is a “Knocked Up” moment. My husband has not spent countless hours researching every minute detail of this pregnancy. He has not been filling his brain with statistics and reports, surverys and forums. He hasn’t been symphatic to all the poison I have had to abstain from ingesting in the name of a healthy pregnancy.

He’s just been doing what he usually does and this week that means contemplating how to build a BBQ table for this coming Monday.

“This week there is a heartbeat!! “I explain with enthusiasm. “Within the next seven days, the fetus will almost DOUBLE in size, with phalanges protruding from it’s body! “ . P Bonez continues his BBQ contemplation, more interested in what I have to say but not reaching the levels of interest that I have obviously expressed in the last few weeks. Ok, perhaps “interest” is not the right word to use and "compulsive research behavior" is.


“I can feel my left and right ovaries” I state. “This means I could possibly be having twins” I test him.

He perks up.

“Not Really” I say as I walk away. My eyes rolling.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The homegirls