Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I craving a Cupcake.

There was a lot of wheeling and dealing going on at the dinner table growing up. I wasn't a big fan of milk or bone marrow or squid so my mother had to come up with other methods to force food down this freckled throat.
My father pulled the starving children in Africa line on every finish your plate occasion. As I pictured desolate dusty villages with starving cows, I wondered why we didn't just package our food and send them in air tight containers to these starving children. Better yet, why doesn't MOM stop cooking so much food and then we can donate the money to these villages?
My eight year old reasoning obviously fell upon deaf ears. And I spent many evenings stubborningly sitting at the table, alone as my brother watched his favorite TV shows in the living room.
I share this thought with you because as I was eating my lunch that my husband graciously prepared, I was getting full and my own inner voice said: "If you do not finish your lunch, you cannot go and buy that cupcake you have been craving."


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