Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A comment from a coworker

A comment from a coworker:

As you all know, I am an “Aussie” and the take on English “down under” is somewhat unique. Firstly, we love to abbreviate words: “arvo” is afternoon, “baccy” is tobacco, “barbie” is a barbeque, “chewy” is chewing gum, “chockie” is chocolate, “lippie” is lipstick, “mushies” are mushrooms, “mozzies” are mosquitoes and “sunnies” are sunglasses. A “spud” is a potato, a “chook” is a chicken and feet are “clod hoppers”.

Down under, water is known as “Adam’s ale”, beer is “liquid amber” and milk is “moo juice”. A bastard is a term of endearment and a “happy little Vegemite” describes those who have eaten their weight in concentrated yeast extract. A “drongo”, “dingbat”, “derro” or “dingaling” refers to an individual lacking in intelligence, or possible a ready supply of Vegemite. Collectively, they are a “few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock” or a “picnic short of a sandwich”.

Some Australians will “earbash” you by talking incessantly to the point of boredom or irritation, while others are “stickybeaks”, in that they are interested in matters that do not concern them (do you know anybody like that?). On occasion, these individuals might “chuck a spaz” or “spit the dummy”, which translates as losing one’s temper. To be generally argumentative is to be “argy bargy” and to be aggressive is to be “agro”.

Australians love using infixes, for example, “abso-bloody-lutely”, “fan-bloody-tastic”, “un-bloody-believable” (“Bloody” does not refer to a free flowing sanguine from the body, it simply means “really”). I “dunno” (don’t know) why, but it is very commonly used.

Well, I am “knackered”, so I will stop “mucking around”, “call it a day” and get some “shut eye”… “any tick of the clock” (I am tired, I will stop wasting time, finish work and get some sleep…any minute now).


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

breath holding

Every week night i play this game where I hold my breath until I am safely in my bed with my new book in hand. Then Henk the pup plays this game where he jumps on the bed and spends the next five minutes "feeling" out the bed for the perfect resting spot, going in circles until it's just right. I stick my face in his, he licks my hand until it's sparkly clean and then i have to get up to wash it.

But before this nightly ritual I am fighting against my enemy, the clock. I'm trying to get as much of my routine complete before the clock stikes 9pm (i know.), this is done so I can glide after 9, tying up loose ends and end my chores with my nighttime reading love affair.

It's been awhile since i've found a good book to read, and given that i spent the first couple of years in Israel obsessively studying Judaism to become the perfect Jewess I am today -my other reading has suffered. By this I mean my Israel, middle east and political reading that I have steadfastly avoided for YEARS. A big reason i've avoided this topic is because I'm annoyed by humans in general. So, when another human broaches this subject I get even more annoyed. A political conversation about Israel is a dizzying and emotional topic and if you put belts in peoples hands- it would be more effective to whip one another and let the best whipper win.

Secondly, I understand that my opinion of Israel is a bit biased. My background and losing Tsiki in the army gave me a view not many people have,and often, i prefer to keep such a view out of conversation- most likely because it's complicated, it's skewed and above all, after five years of Israel exposure, I still don't understand the middle east.

After a friend recommendation, I picked up "From Beirut to Jerusalem" and have been in love ever since. Friedman's writing flows and although some of the information read is quite disturbing, I trust the education I am getting from this book. Upward and onwards!! Let my obsession with middle eastern politics and thought begin!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Marketing FAIL

If these people are "children" then i fear what their "childhood memories" are.
Marketing FAIL.