Saturday, February 20, 2010

P Bonez

This week P Bonez will celebrate his 30th with me by his side. I am constantly impressed by our statistic of being in one anothers life for the last five years. Of course, it hasn't been a olympic gold medal run down the mountain we call relationship, we had many breakups and "talks" and trial periods before we decided that life was far better together than apart. With P Bonez, I've uncovered the benefits of being a team and having someone to bounce all my energy off of. He passes all the tests someone of my personality could possibly put another human through, whether it's inquiries into sailing the world or exploring the possibility of experiencing the "vomit comet".
Often, when I think about our relationship, I get butterflies thinking about the amazing experiences we've had in the last year alone. Building things, painting things, sitting across the table and showing our frigid breath in our ice box of an apartment. I know this time in our lives will always be remembered as an important base for all the good and bad things awaiting us in the forest of our lives.
Last Friday, we took the car with two dogs in tow to the center of the country. We stopped off on a dirt road to walk the paths of a vineyard freshly toiled for the next harvest. The sun was beating down (in February) and David took his shirt off to seep in the rays. I looked and him and took my shirt off too. After all, no one was around for miles. The dogs were running along the wide, dusty path and there we were, a team created from unconventional love, about to embark on our third decade together with the summer all around us.
A pic of us almost five years ago!


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