Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cough Cough.

I have survived night #2 of NIGHT bronchitis. My coughing during light hours are at a minimum compared to the war that ensues once I attempt to lie down to sleep. It's as if I'm having a obnoxiously loud - dry heaving coughing argument with the alien in front of the window. My mouth is gaped wide open like the scream painting and the sounds that escape sound like an over exaggerated ninja fighting the night. No no, the tears you see from my coughing fits are not from coughing, they are from every moment lost on my pillow.
P Bonez has the naturally ability to sleep through this. This worries me, do you know why? I am worried because this foreshadows our future as parents. When we decide to procreate this means that I will most likely retire any title I earned from sleeping while P Bonez slumbers into a Pulitzer Prize.


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