Saturday, January 30, 2010


The Huzzy and I finally saw Avatar. Third try is a charm in this case. Our first attempt 6 weeks ago was thwarted by P Bonez having a fever, chicken soup for dinner won. The second attempt was an immigrant situation of not understanding the touch dials in Hebrew. Finally, P Bonez insured our double seats by going a couple days before, directly to the source: a foggy window with a circle carved in the middle of it.
What I love about movies like Avatar is the chance to dive back into imagination. I feel as thirty is tickling our nostrils, I am slowly creeping away from the childhood naivety and creativeness that got me through life's general challenges. I am taken back to the days when I believed there was a man on the moon who ate cheese and after watching Goonies, I would find my own cave full of gold and a shipwreck that would sail me out of a cave a hero. A time when my mom threatened to throw away my toys because of a messy room and I held them close, with tears in my eyes, emotionally attached and when I kept them, had long conversations with them, welcoming them back into my room.
But enough of that. If I had an Avatar, it would have really big boobs.


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