Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My new Disease

Humans Fatigue Syndrome

Primary Symptoms
As the name people fatigue syndrome suggests, this illness is accompanied by fatigue. However, it's not the kind of fatigue patients experience after a particularly busy holiday or social event, after a mosquito night or after a stressful event. It's a severe, incapacitating intolerance of humans that isn't improved by alcohol or drugs. In fact, it may be exacerbated by touching more than 5 humans a day. It's an all-encompassing fatigue that results in a dramatic decline of mental health and tolerance for world news and even, the TV show Friends.
People with people fatigue syndrome function at a significantly lower level of social activity than they were capable of prior to becoming ill.Their only thought of joy is to put on earplugs to find that happy place that is usually in the center of their bed. This is not to be confused with depression. People fatigue syndrome is a direct result of hyper-socializing.

Those with people fatigue syndrome are encouraged to find a hotel, a safehouse, or a cheap plane ticket out of their current location as the mere thought of seeing other humans makes them writh with pain and often results in severe skin rashes behind the earlobes.The illness results in a a severly bad attitude and continue'd exhausting, but is easily treatable with something called work life balance. and by following the human avoidance theory.


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