Monday, August 17, 2009

A thought about Soul Music

When I was younger, I used to date a guy who spun soul music in gay clubs on weekday nights. He used to lecture me how club go'ers never could truly appreciate the intense spiritual effects soul music had on the masses. How soul music made people lovers and not fighters. He would explain that when you love soul, you become soul and you walk with soul and talk with soul.
The guy really loved soul. And that appreciation definately rubbed off on me. To this day I have a modest yet fulfilling collection of soul music. Maybe it's the sad cowboy in all of us, or our proximity to the South, but us Oklahomans were never far from soul music.
I sometimes wish there would be a 100% soul revival on the radio. Where artists sang love songs and of simple times. Of sitting on the docks of the bays and watching the time go by. Of sad moods and tears flowing like wine and Memphis soul stew. Imagine if we could all live a soundtrack day of soul music. We'd probably all be in love and full by the end of the day and not crying in the Chapel in the midnight hour. Or for any hour really.


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