Monday, August 31, 2009

Romance on the dance floor

The 12,3048,45735th wedding has been put under the belt as of last night. Wedding season in Israel is like a F4 tornado grazing Oklahoma territory with a one evening sweep, it takes no prisoners. The doppler radar for nuptials recommends simply super gluing your heels to your feet and accept that you will put on at least 8.5 pounds from copious amounts of champagne, steak, and sunsets on the beach.
Are you Jealous?
Last nights wedding was unique for me as the bride was Russian, which meant, Vodka shots and polka-infused music. The one element that stood out was how her parents would take any moment they could to glide over to the dance floor. The aging husband would respectfully lead his wife as they gazed into one another eyes as if they were 20 all over again. It didn't matter that her arms did not defy gravity or that her hips have swollen with the comfort of time. It didn't matter that they moved a little bit slower than the young adults around them. They continued to methodically and perfectly complete each and every dance they took upon themselves- all the while looking into one anothers eyes.
It was so romantic- it made my heart quiver.


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