Thursday, July 09, 2009


This week occured in fast forward. It started, I woke up and then the next thing I know- it's Thursday.
Perhaps this speedy week is a result of my human flaw of looking forward to the next weekend before my initial weekend is finished. I have put in buffers to allow me to enjoy the week as it passes. It comes in the form of strict scheduling and managing to put in the beach and wine on Tuesdays. I manage Hubby time and long walks that involve picking up dog poo wearing a plastic bag on my hand. If i'm lucky, I find time for 13 karate kicks in the air while watching a favourite show of mine: House.
The only way I am sure it's almost Thursday is my need for an early bedtime on Wednesday. Despite this early bedtime, I pull myself awake at 5:20 am and look over at P Bonez in longing. I want to be the one covering my head with a pillow as the gentle melody of an alarm clock vibrates on the side table.


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