Sunday, June 28, 2009

Searching for Green

The weekend was lovely, finally found the time to spend it in Maskeret Batya, a place I once a called my home, with people who are the closest thing to family here in Israel. I felt like I accomplished my goal of catching up on rest and food, something one lacks when summer days are long and days are busy. P Bonez and I took a long walk on Saturday, looking at the different parts of the town. Listened to stories of how Rothschild settled the area. How new immigrants received a petite home and one dunam of land. How they worked the land and it grew to one of the most desired towns in central Israel.
I wonder if our age means we missed the boat finding that pearl of space in this desert-like country. It seems like all of the desirable areas are beyond our budget and sometimes I wonder if the longer we wait means the smaller and smaller our theoretical piece of land becomes. I continue to wonder if I should just pop that dream of space and accept that one cannot expect to receive much of this precious commodity. Or if I should make it my next big goal to become that visionary and find something dry and make it grow. Become that part of the story of Israel.
First things first- I need to bring limes to this country.


At 7/02/2009 9:04 AM, Blogger Jazzica said...

no limes??? arahi WAH???

At 7/14/2009 9:11 AM, Blogger channahboo said...

we had limes in Taba! The aren't that far out of our reach!


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