Saturday, April 04, 2009

Life has a new metaphor

This afternoon was spent in the form of a picnic lunch in our weed invested backyard. But instead of looking at it in such a fashion- it was instead a wild meadow filled with baby geckos and wild cats. We placed a large sheet and patted the weeds down- we opened a bottle of red wine and feasted on speciality chicken salad with dollops of Dijon and hints of black pepper hidden in the spiralled pasta.
We pretended to know the names of every tree that brought us shade and hung our feet in the air to let every inch of our winter skin bath in the sun.
There was a butterfly I was chasing in this wild meadow. Many times it escaped the fate of my grasp and I finally gave up. I settled into a patch of sun and continued to read my book. Soon enough I saw a wing fluttering from the cover of my book. I slowly brought my fingers towards it and it let me pet it's wings. It stayed there before flying off to be chased by another butterfly.


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