Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleep Me

The ever- present reality of balancing a full-time job, freelance and language classes with a splash of boxing each week has punched me in the eye and sucked the energy out of my nostrils. .
Take that and sprinkle in last weeks Purim celebrations on the streets of Jerusalem and go ahead and place a miniature plunge on each of my ears and pull quickly and unexpectadly. I have set reminders of people to call because I am finding it hard to run to the bathroom to sit on the pot and play my favourite cell phone game- Quadra Pop.
Although our quaint Shabbat meal of 5 has turned into one with 12 attendees, and although it's four hours before Shabbat and I am still at my desk at work. I can't help but be pleased that even if it makes you really really really tired, you can pretty much attain anything you ask for.


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