Sunday, February 08, 2009

Economic Crisis hits Israel

Other Freckled Friend: i am leaving tuesday for london
me: oh too bad
me: i miss u already
Other Freckled Friend: ahh very cute
so u why dont u come too
the more the merrier!
me: of course! i'll just pull it out of my ohmyg-dihavesomuchmoney fund
Other Freckled Friend: that is where i pulled it out from ;)
thank goodness its my bro's engagement
me: i don't have the thanksMomandDad fund either
saving that for when we go to the states
Other Freckled Friend: exactly, I wouldn't have got that fund otherwise
me: do u have the PutMeInTheSuitcase fund?
Other Freckled Friend: hmm, i will have to check and get back to you
otherwise i have the IwillWriteYouaPostcard fund
that only costs 10 pence


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