Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Married life- a metaphor

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Economic Crisis hits Israel

Other Freckled Friend: i am leaving tuesday for london
me: oh too bad
me: i miss u already
Other Freckled Friend: ahh very cute
so u why dont u come too
the more the merrier!
me: of course! i'll just pull it out of my ohmyg-dihavesomuchmoney fund
Other Freckled Friend: that is where i pulled it out from ;)
thank goodness its my bro's engagement
me: i don't have the thanksMomandDad fund either
saving that for when we go to the states
Other Freckled Friend: exactly, I wouldn't have got that fund otherwise
me: do u have the PutMeInTheSuitcase fund?
Other Freckled Friend: hmm, i will have to check and get back to you
otherwise i have the IwillWriteYouaPostcard fund
that only costs 10 pence

Most days

There are many days where I am able to extract the romanticism of living in Israel- to get a concentrate of goodness everywhere to be able to turn to every corner and appreciate what this volatile and romantic region has to offer.
Today. Is not one of those days.
Today, I seemed to have found everything disturbing. Blame it on the ancient woman at the municipality this morning- who was yelling at anyone before her who went to ask a question at one of the desks. "You must wait your turn!" she would interrupt the room yelling. Then continue to bitch about how the planets were arranged in the universe.
It was disturbing to find out I could not pay our apartment tax because the apartment isn't registered with the landlord's name on the contract. Suddenly, I am fearful that our rent contract was typed up by a band of monkeys and our rent checks are being cashed to supply them with extra strings the make more marionettes at the municipality to give clients no answers to their demanding questions.
It was disturbing that I spent 2 hours of my day waiting to do something that could not be done.
I was then disturbed by being approached by a young man who offered that we sit together and get to know one another. I told him it would be inappropriate as I'm married. He let me know he doesn't "go there" and proceeded to ask me where one of the most popular streets in Jerusalem is located. " I thought you lived here for 5 years" I say to him, my face expressionless and unimpressed. I open my phone and continue to play my newest addiction: Quadra Pop.