Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shakespeare and Company

I was surprised to come upon this video on CNN. In 2001, I was travelling in Morocco and when my friends and I found ourselves on the coast in Essaouria. Where white horses ran the beach and Jim Hendrix was known to have a castle. The windows were painted with blue trim and there was a castle-esque Medina around this beautiful town.
We found ourselves in a modest hotel with a rooftop terrace, where we could walk up to and listen to the drum circles around us. The sun would set and we'd wait to see the ever famous green flash of the evening sun when it dipped into the horizon. The friends we made on that rooftop all seemed to come from that one book store in Paris. Some Americans, some friends- a Canadian. It was there I became close friends with a Parisian name Caroline, and months later, I would visit her at Shakespeare and Co. Proudly buy a book and treasure the stamped logo of the famous book store.


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