Wednesday, December 03, 2008

From a friend

A friend of mine wrote this for me. Which could possibly be the biggest honour ever. Someone taking the time to create poetry, just for me. Loves it.

Sometimes I like to imagine you in your youth.
Pre-tatooed, the girl who begged her mother to be a cheerleader in cookie-cutter Oklahoma.
Fresh faced. innocent, but still possessing the spark within.
And sometimes I like to imagine you in your youth, anarchist punk rock
rockstar boxer going against father's wishes
teenage rebellion taking over
Tell me when you got your first tattoo
and the next and the next until you got your last
Tell me when you lost your virginity
When Thailand became the answer
When Thailand became the problem
Tell me about the time you first fell in love
Tell me about the time you began to fall in love every day with the same person
Sometimes I like to picture you as a child,
innocent walking hand-in-hand with your brother on German streets
covered in snow as pure as you.
Because at that age we're all that pure and out of harm's way.
Sometimes I imagine you four years ago. You don't know me yet and I'm not sure if I wish you did.
And sometimes I wish you had my shoulder to lean on when you just needed it.
See, everytime I imagine you it's as a pillar of strength even when you're at your weakest.
I guess it's because that's the only way I know you.
An inspiration to the masses, this is a job you didn't volunteer for
but someone must've thought you'd be up to it.
And sometimes I like to imagine you as life would've had it.
Which is as you are now.
A beacon of hope
A testament to fate and faith and love
Living proof that G-d exists and tests us all
That we all have our own paths to follow
And sometimes when I'm looking for inspiration and strength
I imagine you - past, present and future all wrapped into one
Equal parts lover and fighter
Imagine the someday mother
who will one day raise a nation from her loins
Make ancestors proud as she leads her tribe into
a mango and tutu revolution.


At 12/03/2008 4:18 PM, Blogger Carol Feldman said...

Wow. You have every reason to be honored. I would love this poem even if I didn't know it was about you. Lovely. What a gift.

At 12/03/2008 9:35 PM, Blogger Jenny.Lee said...

Amazing. What a wonderful gift.


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