Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mango Chutney

I have peeled a clove of garlic and sliced a bit off to eat raw. This is what we always did in Thailand. And when it slid down my throat my oesophagus flared, and then my stomach. And now I have a garlic trail thinly burning me in half. I still feel it, many minutes later.
My HUSBAND and I have been playing with all of our vegetables as of late. We receive a surprise box of organic veggies each week and after a day of writing about real estate or internet gift cards, I anxiously await P Bonez arrival and then we let the guilt of a billion ORGANIC vegetables come over us until someone gets up and starts making a soup, or looking up recipes online on how we can pickle everything we own including the washing machine.
I have a feeling that a box of Mason Jars for upcoming family birthdays may be in order. Garlic is yummy and spicy raw, but what if I created a world of pickled garlic in red, green and blue jars? A rainbow of pickled jars to decorate the new apartment we haven't found with. How romantic. I could even put in a fake eyeball for shitzNgiggles.
With my new inspiration, and thorough 5 minute Wikipedia research, I have also come upon a PLETHORA of garlic festivals in the u.s. Can you imagine? Two days of garlic. A roadtrip of garlic fests. My toes are tingling.
The fun didn't stop there. There is also an INTERNATIONAL MANGO FESTIVAL in India. Do you hear that MiL??


At 10/07/2008 6:17 PM, Blogger MiL said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mangos

Must be May

India here we come...

(all the Mango festivals seem to be in the merry month of may. so may we? or mais oui...)


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