Thursday, July 31, 2008

a two shekel fool.

Wedding preparations are draining my already xsmall pockets. I don't have much to offer myself when it comes to indulgences except what I findby foraging deep into the forgotten darkness of my cupboards. You can understand the frustration when the grassman has ceased to knock on our door (he's been asked not to come back), but instead is in the park outside of my balcony yelling "Miss! Miss! Let me cut your grass!"
Me: I have no money right now. Only two Shekels!
Him: But I must feed my children.
Me: I'm sorry I really only have two Shekels.
Him: Can I have it?
I then throw him my last two shekels. He picks up the shiny coin.
Him: Miss Miss!! please let me cut your grass, I need to feed my children.
Me: You TOOK MY LAST TWO SHEKELS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who's the wealthier man now? He is and he still yells at me across the grass to remind me so.


At 8/23/2008 6:38 AM, Blogger aoc gold said...

The Naughty Boy

There was a naughty boy,

And a naughty boy was he,

He ran away to Scotland

The people for to see

Then he found
That the ground

Was as hard,

That a yard

Was as long,

That a song

Was as merry,

That a cherry

Was as red,

That lead

Was as weighty,

That fourscore

Was as eighty,

That a door

Was as wooden

As in England
So he stood in his shoes

And he wonder'd;

He stood in his shoes

And he wonder'd.

-----by aoc gold


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