Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nitzanim Beach

Beach camping was amazing. I've got the scratches and bruises to prove it. I kiss my hands and wave them all around at the fortune I have to live in a place where you can pack up and drive, and find private beaches on the Mediterranean coastline that begs for us to camp on them.
The entire camping experience is full of goodness. From setting up the tent, the fire, and the grill, to midnight walks up sand dunes to retrieve dead wood to- sand avalanches with the flash light in my mouth, skidding my way to the bottom all the while giggling.
Breakfast was P Bonez scrambling some eggs on the grill and handing us all a sandwich to enjoy, chilled melon from the ice box never tasted so good as the large waves were zig zagging around- threatening us with rip tides. Sand in my hair and around my ankles made me feel like I was 10- with a full day of playing ahead of me.


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