Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bush in Israel

Dear President Bush,
I just moved to Jerusalem last month. I've taken to finding excuses in riding up to town everyday in hopes that I can use this summer to get in shape for my wedding. I rode up on King David street, mostly because the hill seems to be more forgiving than the Keren Hayasod one

You should see what they have done for you! There are police men/women EVERYwhere. Officers with big guns (which is not an exception, they always have big guns, not just for you). Cute young ethiopian officers too- they look like they could be models, except they have an m4 hanging off their shoulders.
It was as if all of Israel's forces were there, having on big cigarette break. Bless them, they were so bored, standing next to the roadblock 15 blocks from where you are staying. They've got plastic walls lining the entrance the the Hotel, you know, for the soldiers of the AXIS OF EVIL aka terrorists.
I saw some women in pant suits and flat ironed hair, a bit of rouge on their cheeks. They were definitely my age, the only difference is that they probably went to Georgetown and have this amazing high end job and I was just the girl on the bike who once upon a time was in the peace corps, you know- the girl who has the immunization record of a marine in Vietnam- with one leg of her jeans rolled up- dreaming about future success with writing and my personal thoughts on the bikini wax.
I was thinking how fun it would be to attend the conference tonight. Say hey to you and Mr. Blair- schmooze with African presidents and maybe your Russian translator I met would be there as well? Alas, no- I won't be able to make it- firstly, I am exhausted from riding around all of the detours your presence has brought this ancient city, but also- I may show up for my first Rugby practice tonight, and well- the whole dinner thing might interfere.

Anyway, I hope you and the other Presidents enjoy your stay, I would love to have ya'll fr Shabbos, but we already have dinner plans at Talia's.

Another fellow Texan but a Clinton Fan,
The Ginrod


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