Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tel Aviv summer-ness

Rasberry sorbet in one hand and a 1/3 read book in the other, I headed down to the beach to soak in some sun on a surprising sunny sweet afternoon.
Happy Hebrew Month of Adar. A month filled to the rim of Mazal (fortune/luck). The sonance of "Adar" kills me with joy. It has found a place on my list of sounds that make me sting with joy: Katmandu, Columbia, UPenn, Santiago, plethora and versatile. Adar Adar, I love it. I Love you.
As I arrived at the beach earlier today, I was disappointed to see fog flowing into Hayakorn street that could have been easily mistaken as smoke from a fire. It hung low and created a wall that blocked the sea from view. A chilly air gushed onto my epidermis as I turned around to have an afternoon read in bed.


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