Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remembering my father

Giving regards to my father's upcoming anniversary, here are ten things you should know about him (in no particular order):

1. I spent half my childhood on his shoulders.
2. My father was a gymnist. He taught me how to hang upside down on the bars. And set the stage for my future back handsprings, and standing backflips.
3. I spent one third of my childhood riding a bike with brotchen and a newspaper packed behind me, trailing his long footsteps on Saturday afternoons.
4. He taught me to play tennis at age 6
5. He built us an A-frame play house with a balcony on the piece of land he bought in New Mexico.
6. He always told me my German was bad.
6a. My German was actually pretty good.
7. He always hoped I would marry an educated European. (or anything BUT American).
8. Whenever I asked "are we there yet" (on our weekend excursions in Deutschland) he always said "Tree more Hourz".
9. He always said Bryan Bro had the brains in the family, but lil' Ginrod had the balls.
9a. we are both trained boxers. (even though he said women should not be fighting)
10. He adored my mother.


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