Monday, March 31, 2008

Der größte Unterschied

Difference number 1:
I woke up this morning to birds chirping instead of death screams and honking cars.

The Ginrod now resides in Jerusalem.
It may never be the same again. MU Ha Ha HAHAHAHAHA.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

these days

My mother got married on a 55 acre kentucky farmland, along with 10 guests. Afterwards, they probably had a barbecue and went cow tipping. I'd like to think her petite, asian figure ran her hands in the brush that surrounded the path to the ancient farm house that we would later spend every summer- i imagine that she looked up at the big, summer sky and thought how lovely it must be. all of this.
I only imagine such things because although my bags are packed and i'm ready to embark on my move. Which to be fair, i have no emotion at all about- other than change is always good, i sit here and think how lovely everything is, with all that is going on. It's up and it's down, and it's all around, but it's all very pleasant.
I only wish for this moment that P Bonez and I can attain such simplicity over a big, summer sky and attain that same loveliness. I suppose with one more week of venue searching, we'll find that perfect spot where it all feels that it fits into place. like the perfect jigsaw puzzle that life is.
Until Jerusalem.. tomorrow

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So here I am. Amongst the boxes and scraps of paper surrounding me, preparing for my move to Jerusalem. The one thing I can respect about moving is the fact that it gives you a chance to purge yourself of the random bits of nothing that surrounds you. All of the extra golf balls, skirts shoved in the back of the closets, shoe with its missing pair, all of these lonely things go into the blue trash bags and into the big green bin outside that has a large number four written on every one of its four sides.
Given that this is my second move in eight months, one would think I don't have a lot to move. This is not the case: all the while I was living on Natan Hachachan street building number four, my books were practicing agamogenesis . My book collection has gone from one small shelf in my last apartment to two boxes in this one.
If I thought my books were asexual reproducers, my clothes went in HYPER mode. and aside from my underwear and long sleeved gap shirts, i don't know what else I wear. Because often i just wrap newspapers around my waist for skirts.
I kid. I kid.
When I left for Thailand, I was able to minimize my belongings to a few boxes of photos and the clothes in a backpack on my back. I have 3 large suitcases, I have made the decision that It is only my business to pack the 3 suitcases and everything else must go. Shirt case. Skirt case. Random case. That's it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A fine memory of Mr. Doring

Before I went off into the Peace Corps and discovered the S.E Asian part of the world that wasn't the Philippines, The Doring family had a special guest.

Aside from being my brother's g-dfather, Uncle W was considered our uncle, older friend, and the longest friend my father seemed to have in the States. Despite his age, any time Bry and I were in Deutschland, we'd always have a beer or 3 with Uncle W, then go off to some museum as he rehashed memories of "back in the day".
The 1st time Uncle W came to visit us in Tulsa was in the middle of winter. His German blood had no problem keeping the guest room window open for "fresh air" all night long. By the time I inhabited my room again. There were small icicles formed in the corners of my bedroom.
Uncle W's 2nd visit many years later was in the fall and our home was a moderate temperature. Downtown, a new split piano/jazz bar had opened up and I was eager to bring my father there. After all, we had never been out together in a venue and secondly, I thought the dueling piano playing would remind him of the bars of the 50s, class with a hint of rebellion.
We started our early evening in the Jazz bar and ordered our drinks. My father looked so uncomfortable, he hadn't been in a social situation like that in 30 years at least.
He turns to me with a perplexed look. "Suzi" he says. "The women here are hookers". I turn back with a grin- "No dad, that's just how women dress these days"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remembering my father

Giving regards to my father's upcoming anniversary, here are ten things you should know about him (in no particular order):

1. I spent half my childhood on his shoulders.
2. My father was a gymnist. He taught me how to hang upside down on the bars. And set the stage for my future back handsprings, and standing backflips.
3. I spent one third of my childhood riding a bike with brotchen and a newspaper packed behind me, trailing his long footsteps on Saturday afternoons.
4. He taught me to play tennis at age 6
5. He built us an A-frame play house with a balcony on the piece of land he bought in New Mexico.
6. He always told me my German was bad.
6a. My German was actually pretty good.
7. He always hoped I would marry an educated European. (or anything BUT American).
8. Whenever I asked "are we there yet" (on our weekend excursions in Deutschland) he always said "Tree more Hourz".
9. He always said Bryan Bro had the brains in the family, but lil' Ginrod had the balls.
9a. we are both trained boxers. (even though he said women should not be fighting)
10. He adored my mother.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Dream Job

I have added another dream job to my list:

1. Trattoria-style cafe owner
2. Letterpress stationary creator. (educate me if there is an actual name of this occupation)

Let's all bring snail mail back. It's classy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The whirlwind that surrounds an engagement astounds me. The last couple weeks have been crazy. From the last minute flight to NY, to seeing my brother to returning, to engaged, to Purim festivities all around. I feel like life just went in fast forward and the wind in my face is making my cheeks turn into a parachute.
For a woman like me, this amazing time is met with a level of reflection. I haven't dreamt of my father in such a long time, and in the last week, suddenly I'm having dinner with him, going on long walks, creating a garden. Then I wake up. My brother has reminded me that the 26th is just around the corner. We will be remembering his loss for the third year already. I'd like to believe these dreams I am having are because he wants to have a toast to my good fortune, and spend some quality time with his Susi'chen.
To be honest, I never knew life would go on. Tsiki's jahr zeit comes quickly after my fathers and I can hardly believe that it's been 3 years. That I have P Bonez and this awesome engagement. My heart aches how life can be so beautiful and so painful- so romantic and so fast, so heartbreaking and so full of heart. We live in this polarized capsule, tasting bitter fruit and warm drinks. Life, I drink it up, and it dribbles onto my lips.
The months of Adar and Nissan are full of excitement for the Ginrod. When it rains it pours. The next couple weeks will start another attempt at aaliyah, a move to Jerusalem, wedding planning, and job sorting, Tsiki and my father.
Like the month we are breathing in right now, I feel that I will be blessed with enough fortune to get through it all dancing on my toes, and doing a Ginrod twirl.
Here are some pics from Purim, it's been quite a few days of festivities, and a few costumes:






Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Once upon a time

Once upon a time the Ginrod and P Bonez went on a last minute trip to the Big Apple.
The Sky was blue and our fingers cold, but we walked all over that city like we were on a mission. Even if only to find some kosher food.

One day, before the end of the trip. P Bonez asked the Ginrod a question....right in the magic of central park. by falling water and underneath the periwinkle sky of new york.

Once in her life, the Ginrod knew she would be asked a question that she would say yes to.....
This was the question she said yes to.......

So they sang karoake all night long in Korea town. and all was good.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Top 5 things about our NYC trip so far:
1. I've get to spend copious amounts of time with my two Kings: Bry and P Bonez.
2. The Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit at the Guggenheim. The best exhibit I have ever been to.
3. Happy Hour and $3 Margaritas
4. More Kosher restaurants than Tel Aviv
5. Live Music

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Doring Duo will reunite once more.

Start spreading the news, Ginrod and P Bonez are leaving today
We wanna be a part of it - new york, new york!!
these vagabond shoes, will be replaced with winter sales.

Right through the very heart of it - new york, new york
We're gonna wake up in a city, that doesnt sleep (Frankie didn't know about Tel Aviv back then.)

Until Sunday.
A grin from ear to ear is slapped on the Ginrod's face.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

tap tap tap

Despite a two hour wait at the Ministry of Interior today, my attempts at Aaliyah (immigration) have been knocked down for March. "Your file hasn't come back yet from Jerusalem" says the woman in the number 4 desk that my number 53 brought me to. I arrived when the black box on the ceiling stated number 28. Apparently, even if you have a meeting scheduled a month beforehand, you still have to wait. Luckily, I had a big book with me.
To be honest, even as my stress laid my head down on her desk. I couldn't be mad. This is almost a deja vu when it comes to the seasons, to the timing of it all, just like last year, with my conversion. Last year, I was almost there, and every meeting was as if 500 pound weights sat on my shoulders, waiting for someone to slowly mouth "ok, you're in."
Another reason that I can't be upset: that very same morning P Bonez found a last minute flight on El Al to NYC. Earlier last week, we notified our respective employers and told them of the possibilities of our last minute vacation. The thought of seeing my brother after 1.5 years is overwhelming. Adding to this excitement: some Peace Corps friends from D.C have decided it was pefect timing for a mini reunion. I couldn't be happier.
At this moment, the excitement in seeing my brother masks any disappointment with the Ministry. The logic is on my side.: I own my proof of religion, it's only a matter of time until I immigrate. One thing my world has taught me is patience. Another- that everything with my Nefesh happens in the month if Nisan. There's no doubt about it: all that is good or bad lands on that month.
So we'll wait. We'll see what 2008 brings forth. In the meantime, I will celebrate the fortune that I have, and the ability to share it with the man I love. This week, the month of Adar has sprinkled its' good fortune on the Ginrod- so we should all dance with an extra hop in our step.

Why Tel Aviv Rocks

We got a taste of Tel Aviv summer over the weekend. We spent our Friday morning basking in the Mediterranean sun and enjoying what the Friday market had to offer. Bands were playing and street performers came out from months in hiding.





Friday, March 07, 2008

Condemn the UN

"The UN has failed to agree on a response to the Jerusalem massacre"
Really? Failed to agree?
I always thought the UN would condemn terrorism.
I watch the television in disbelief. Not in disbelief of the incident. But the footage of those celebrating, kissing the ground below them. Pure joy and celebration.
That's the difference between the east and the west. The educated and the poorly educated.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tel Aviv summer-ness

Rasberry sorbet in one hand and a 1/3 read book in the other, I headed down to the beach to soak in some sun on a surprising sunny sweet afternoon.
Happy Hebrew Month of Adar. A month filled to the rim of Mazal (fortune/luck). The sonance of "Adar" kills me with joy. It has found a place on my list of sounds that make me sting with joy: Katmandu, Columbia, UPenn, Santiago, plethora and versatile. Adar Adar, I love it. I Love you.
As I arrived at the beach earlier today, I was disappointed to see fog flowing into Hayakorn street that could have been easily mistaken as smoke from a fire. It hung low and created a wall that blocked the sea from view. A chilly air gushed onto my epidermis as I turned around to have an afternoon read in bed.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Deflated toe.

My dreams have been lively as ever. From a clan of Jewish High Priests in ancient hills clad from head to toe in armor, to Torah scholars and bleeding hands.
Clear, blue flowing water is everywhere as of late and my body has found the ability to fly on top of buildings, sweep down into the streets, arms are wide open, wind blowing in my face. You know, the works. All of these dreams are liberating. And I am certain a large amount change far greater than a mango revolution is about to happen.
I have a good habit of taking mental notes. I note situations and the small details around them so I don't get so confused. 3 weeks ago, when I scheduled my immigration with the woman behind a desk in the bureaucratic abyss known as the Ministry of Interior, I remember thinking:
a. ok, so it's not a full month later.
b. and Saying: "Do you think my file will be ready by the 3rd of March?
c. noting that it was yet another Monday appt like the current one.
d. typing in my appt immediately in my cell phone
You can understand my surprise & disappointment when I pulled out the appt slip to see the 9th of March clearly written on the slip. This means:
1. I made a big mistake
2. lady behind the desk made a mistake
3. I was supposed to go in on March 3 but she made an extra appointment in case my papers weren't ready.
Either way, my attempts to reach the Ministry of Interior in the last 1.5 days have been futile. The telephone has been relentlessly busy. From morning until their special 3p.m closing time.
I'm on level three of deflation. Trying to pump myself up for another week of waiting.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Post Shabbat Phone Call

Me: Hi auntie, it's Susi, how are you
Filipino Auntie: Who?
Me: Susi.
Filipino Auntie: Who? I'm sorry I don't know who you are.
Me: uhhh.. ok, it's Vinda's Daughter? Your niece?
Filipino: OH!!! Sooooseeeeee!!!Iss that you?
Apparently, I was putting the wrong stress on my name. It's not Sue-zee. It's Sue-See.
I called my grandmothers' house to make sure she was alright. I had a dream over Shabbat that I was holding her sick body in my arms.
Grandma: Thank you for calling Sue-Cee. I was in the hospital last night. I am feeling much better now.