Monday, February 25, 2008

Where does time hide?

I don't recall life ever being so busy. I don't know if it comes with age, being Jewish, or the result of social networking sites. Either way, ever since I came to be here in Israel, my schedule went from a advanced weekly plans to advanced bi-weekly plans, to schedules a month in advance. It was a slow growthm and not necessarily every month, but P Bonez and I have found the need to begin our week by discussing our agenda. This agenda has turned into a monthly schedule with substitute plans. A lot of our rhetoric is the "in case this doesn't happen we'll do this" and the "maybe we should do this instead of this" to the "we really need to go there and do that". I suppose it's a blessed life when we have the fortune being around goodness aka stuff to do.
This year marks a decade that I've been an independent women. Since 98' I've managed to pay rent, move to my fourth country and maintain authenticity from my own piggy bank (sometimes big brother and mother put in a couple dimes of course), but all in all- it's been 10 years of making my own decisions and dealing with the backlash of those decisions. That's Crazy isn't it? The Ginrod was unleashed into the world and still has her eyebrows and all her toes. .
This month will be quite a whirlwind. With a move to the Holy City, immigration, and general celebrations, I wonder what I'll look like by April. Most likely I will still have my freckles. Or Freckle as many some like to call it. But if I lost my right eyebrow. Just hold your smirkin'.


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