Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Salsa Pains 9not the dance)

I know I know. I just couldn't help myself. Raised in a Tex-Mex food haven, I've missed my daily dose of chips & salsa. So when I ran quickly into a 24 hour food store and saw that they had restaurant style tortilla chips and jars upon jars of salsa, (7 Shekels cheaper that the Super Sol grocery store)- Well, I couldn't help myself.
I also could not help myself when I was running out of the door this morning for work. You see, I just couldn't bare the thought of not being able to munch on this spicy commodity during work. So here I am, in EXCRUCIATING pain because I just ate extra HOT salsa ALL DAY LONG. I kinda skipped lunch today, because of this whole salsa experience. Lordy Lordy.
Aside from that Georgie is in town. He is the sole reason that many of my friends are working from home today and tomorrow. Highways are closed, policemen on every corner. That's a lot of cash spent on his safety. It's quite awesome in itself, I wonder how much of the Hotel they shut down during his stay.
Ok- I can't really concentrate, my spicy stomach is cramping.


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