Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear thief

Bike number two has been whisked away from my ownership. Probably sitting in some used bike shop, being sold for peanuts. All in broad daylight. My anger and frustration has made my stomach hurt and created yet another challenge for me during a month where I wouldn't mind a little bit of slack.
If you are a thief. and you read my blog. I'd like you to consider a few personal points that your BAD and unforgivable behavior does to people.
  • It leaves us SO broke. I'm trying to be a stable adult and you just took my ONLY form of transportation away from me. Now, I have to give away my hard earned cash to buses.
  • You have taken the most precious element away from me. Time. That's right- instead of quickly riding to my bus at the main station. I have to hop on one more bus and hope I catch my connecting bus on time. This has already delayed me ONE hour on my first day being bike less.
  • I now cannot run errands efficiently from point A to point B. C'mon Thief. You tell me how I can get to Misrad Hapnim to renew my visa, renew my insurance at the health clinic AND get to the bus station for a meeting all in two hours by bussing or walking. YOU CAN'T!
  • you are disabling my health. my knees are healthier when i am on a bike. Feet meeting concrete is very very unhealthy for the Ginrod.
I have come up with a couple scenarios to make me feel better about this messy situation:
  • The thief who took my bike is in desperate need to find a present for his sick brother. This bike gives his ailing brother joy. He begins to ride. Becomes healthier, and eventually- a world class biker, and donates all his free time to those who are sick like he was once.
  • I would have gotten in a serious accident if I was riding my bike this week. This twist of events has led my life to be spared. So I can continue making dancing videos for YouTube.


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