Thursday, December 20, 2007

Am I the only one in the world?

The older I am getting the more the question: "jeez, am I the only one in the world that does this?" arises. In the form of a 27yr old, Caucasian-looking female target audience type of question. Of Course.
And then I think: if I post all the thoughts I had this week alone, would I completely embarrass myself?
  • Is is weird to prefer spicy noodle 3 minute mung bean soup for breakfast?To drop an egg inside and mix it around?
  • Do people often buy the same body wash after their last one is finished? Or do you "mix it around?
  • Am I the only one who often contemplates stealing my boyfriends socks?
  • Does anyone else fight the urge to touch the tip of peoples noses when they are engaged in serious conversation?
  • Does your nose click in the winter when u squeeze it? You know, from a boxing injury when you were 22?
  • & last but not least: is there anyone out there who had the patience enough for various Rabbi's on different level judge the fate of your Judaism?
I've been playing phone tag with the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Doing whatever it takes to get my conversion approved and processed. Apparently, Israeli Bureaucracy believes in a different method: the we'll take more coffee breaks than you can ever imagine before we even consider your file method. Fair enough. They'll take my money- they'll use my time- but they will never put Ginrod in the corner!
Shabbat Shalom. I'm off to the winter wonderland of Jerusalem.
To the National Bet Din: I'm on to you. Next week. I'm going to make you my BEST friend.


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