Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Julianna Barwick. You make me wanna sing!!

It was almost a decade ago that Jules and I worked at Mary's Trattoria. A small Italian restaraunt tucked in next to a Church on the famous Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our ties loosened around our necks, our white button up shirts stained with spaghetti sauce and splashes of red wine.
At the end of the night, we'd mop and clean the small restaurant, adjusting the black and white photos on the wall, and refilling the Parmesan cheese on the tables. The tables had checkered tablecloths and one or two stems of fresh flowers. "Turn around, if you want me to sing, I can't have you staring at me! It's embarrassing!!" Jules would giggle. "come on, you've known me since high school!" i would defend myself. Jules would turn herself around, facing a corner and she would give me a sample of the opera music she studied years before.
She took a lot of that learning and moved herself to the big apple. Jules is one of those people that you wish you could put her in your pocket and take her with you. Aside from being frickin' AWESOME. She's one of the most loyal friends to the Doring Duo. I am a proud groupie.
Click here to get a sample of Julianna. And here too. She's my American Amelie. I heart her.


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