Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'll take one fart.

I blame everything on the weather change. And all that I blame- is pretty good. You know those moments where it feels like the entire universe has reconstructed itself just for you? The splitting instant where it all makes sense and you know it's a little crazy but who knew it could ever be this way? A time where nothing has changed and it's not that anything is particularly good, nor bad but you feel at peace with yourself and it's not because of a hangover?
I had that realization today, in a moment of half sleep and total relaxation. And I found myself crying because of it. Because the last time I felt completely normal and with it was so long ago, I didn't realize my time had come to feel normal again. 'you used to cry a lot more' P bonez reminded me.
So after Shabbat, we recorded a sound byte- of me making a farting noise on his belly and put it as my message alert tone on my phone. From having it on my phone for only few hours, i find it completely embarrassing, but SO funny. And once again, I feel torn- not because of an existential crisis this time, or wondering where my soul rests in G-d's plan, but because this message alert tone is so damn clever, but proportionally bewildering, that in the name of being the old Ginrod, it's time to let the farting begin. Because as P Bonez put it best: Farting is a reminder for us, that G-d has a sense of humor.


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