Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy T-day

Today, I am cooking my first Turkey. I'm not sure where the desire to celebrate Thanksgiving came from, as it's my least favorite holiday. Or Was. I guess the whole appreciating good meals with friends and family is something that is refined with age. Like a good wine. My wine is becoming quite refined- well, don't hold your breath- it is my first turkey after all.
So here I am, sitting in an apron, the laundry is tumbling itself dry and I realize my beautiful candlesticks I received from close friends are tarnished. How am I to show these friends how grateful I am for my Jewish infused candlesticks if I leave them tarnished?? Not to worry, Just google "Homemade silver polish" and you will find that TOOTHPASTE does the job. It's that easy. So there I was, with a turkey in the oven, clothes tumbling in the dryer, some South American Bossa Nova music in the background- getting my fingers all minty with Colgate whitening toothpaste.
Life is like wine, it gets better with age. Nu??


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