Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Story of my life.

The locks in my new abode have slowly disintegrated. Perhaps it's from the many copies of keys that have passed through a plethora of hands. Perhaps it's from the salty air seeping into the cylinders of the standard lock of our door. Either way, each week that goes by, I spend a little more time trying to unravel the mystery of the smoothest way to enter my apartment. and tonight, I am done with the mystery.
Two weeks ago, I spend a record five minutes fiddling my key into the door, with nothing put pure patience. A patience I could only achieve by living in Israel. A Patience I still try to learn and what I have learned, maintain.
One week ago, my patience with my lock was challenged. A record 8 minutes.
Tonight, I superseded any record in history. I tried everything, I held my ear against the door, trying to understand the language of the cylinders grinding against one another. I tried to be gentle, then abrasive, on the attack, sneak up on the lock.. nothing worked. I hassled my roommate with phone calls. I attained her key, i twisted i turned. I held my breath then let it out. And finally, after close to an hour of despair, the lock turned and let me into my apartment.
As I entered, the furniture laughed at me. "You were outside pathetically for an hour!!" they seemed to chuckle at me as they comfortably sat inside.
Turning the key in a hard headed lock is a bit like love. If anything, it was inevitable i would eventually get it. Even if I had to find a way to climb inside (i did ask the cafe next door if they had a ladder, they said they used to, but it was never returned when on loan). It's a bit frustrating, and sometimes easy. And you never appreciate it until you finally get inside, then..it feels like home.
Tomorrow, the locksmith will be summoned, but not to my heart, someone already has that working key. Only to my stubborn door.


At 10/04/2007 8:32 PM, Blogger Galadriel Thompson said...

Hello Susi. It's Galadriel from old Tulsa. I was talking to Phillip not too long ago and you came up somehow. I know it will sound very presumptuous of me to say this, but I want to send you my wishes and prayers. Of course after talking to Phillip I googled you like a dork and spent some time reading your blog and some articles. I admire your spirit and beautiful heart. Of course, I don't really know what your life is like, but all the same, you're inspiring.

Best wishes & God bless.


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