Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What makes me a Jewess?

I arrived last night just in time for some prayers in the dad sense at the wailing wall. Found myself awake this morning at a reasonable hour for yet another feeble attempt at gathering any sort of official documents that would progress my Aaliyah.
Aside from that, I have been fortunate enough to make light friends with random Rabbi's all over this country. By the time it's all over, i'll have met the entire Bet Din of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak!
I am convinced no one in government offices seem to really know what the other offices do within their organization. I am led to believe everyone is playing Pac-man and the 'send susi to a different office in a different city until she goes mad' game.
I thought I was fortunate that I already had a file with the Bet Din of Jerusalem from two years ago. I was convinced I would received the required papers today. Instead, I had this conversation.
Secretary: Yes, we seem to have your file on the computer.
Me: Thank G-d, so can I get my requested document?
Secretary: It says your file is awaiting approval at the immigration office.
Me: yes, and i was sent from Tel Aviv to Bnei Brak and then they sent me here.
Secretary: Your file is in Tel Aviv, please come back after the holidays.
Me: Ha!! amazing, great..of course. of course it is!!
Secretary: You file is pending, awaiting approval for your conversion.
Me: I understand that, that is why I am here, at the RABBINICAL COURT IN JERUSALEM. for my approval.
So, what makes me a token Jewess? Did my interview in April with 9 Rabbi's and the mikvah make me a Jew?
Does following Halacha and Kashrut make me a jew?
Does the Hamsa necklace or the Star of David I wear around my neck make me a Jew?
Do the last three years of living and breathing and studying each week make me a Jew?
Does my conversion certificate with an official stamp make me a Jew?
Oh no no, you must have more paperwork to be a Jew. I have learned: with the State Of Israel, you need much more than actually being a Jew.
At this rate, the only thing that will make me a Jew is Savlenut. Patience.
After all of this, I vow to create a step by step explanation of all the frustration and closed doors it takes to become a recognized Israeli.
Hag Sameach my friends, Shana Tova.


At 9/11/2007 5:47 PM, Blogger Friends of Tsiki said...

שנה טובה וחג שמח!

At 9/16/2007 1:20 AM, Blogger Avram said...

shanna tova to you too ...


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