Friday, September 07, 2007

Shabbat Sometimes

Sometimes the preparation for the Sabbath is a few simple dishes with minimal work. Sometimes, the moment I wake up, I'm dressed within 5 minutes, off to the market for an hour, then arrive home sweaty, with flowers in hand, and jump in the shower for a day of cooking. Sometimes, the oven is on so long, I feel like I've been working in the bottom of a naval ship, sweating as I stir another attempt at a new sauce.
Despite the labor it may take to cook a pleasant meal for even more pleasant friends. This is a big reason why I heart Judaism. I look at the Shabbat table, dressed and ready for an evening of light entertainment. I bring out a book, look over some prayers I haven't memorized yet and place it neatly next to my place at the head of the table. I turn on my iPod, to unwind from a day of standing and cleaning.
I still can't get over how sometimes I am excited for 25 hours of food and goodness.
Shabbat Shalom


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