Sunday, September 02, 2007


I had a dream last night, where I figured out how to change the form of solids and a machine that could replicate non- living objects. I was able to change the solids to liquids by spinning numerous strings in a floor-style lasso next to the objects. The rhythm of the spinning created a melody unheard of by the human ear and would liquefy the focused solid
I wasn't as impressed by my ability to transform solids as I was of the machine I found that could duplicate non-living objects. I ran to my friends. "Yaaa!! we can double up on our alcohol by duplicating it!! Think how much money we'll .save!!" I exclaimed.
But other people were in disbelief of my string trick and wanted to see it for themselves. Each time I tried to show them, the strings would become tangled in one another. A professor of some sort turned to me "susi. i think this is a bunch of hogwash" he says dryly in my dream. The minute everyone walked off, the strings untangled and gained momentum. causing the bottles around me to melt.
In this dream, I was a bit disappointed. After all, what's the point of knowing a trick if no one else believes it?


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