Monday, September 03, 2007

I ran out of salt just now. I have a serious popcorn addiction. My boyfriend knew this enough to give me a gift once of an air popper. It broke from overuse and I threw it away when I moved into my new flat.
So here I am, grudgingly eating my oversized bowl of popcorn, without salt.
Reminds me of a parable that I always take to heart about my favorite mineral:

A king once asked his daughter how dear he was to her.

"As dear, as dear -- as salt!" she said.

The king thought that this was very little, and he was very unhappy with his child's answer.

Soon thereafter he sponsored a great feast. The daughter saw to it that every dish was brought to the table unsalted, and thus nothing tasted good to the king.

Finally the daughter explained everything to him. He then recognized how important salt was, and that his daughter had spoken very positively. Thus he loved her again as dearly as before.

It's humorous to think that last weekend I was with someone who is die Salz in mein Suppe. In the lowest place on earth. Where -instead of sand on the Sea floor- it was chunks of salt that the world uses to exfoliate with in the form of numerous beauty lines. In fact: I carry a jar of such product on my own bathtub. A jar of salt in my bathroom that I cannot use for my oversized bowl of popcorn.

Let me share with you all this: there is no joy in life without salt. I am saddened to think I let my kitchen get to this state. Ohne Salz. Schade. Be'me'et.


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