Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I can't get my noggin' to sleep.
  • My mind thinks about my bike. How I broke the key and it's locked shut outside. How clever the thieves in Tel Aviv are, maybe if I stay up long enough I can ask them to kindly unlock my bike so I can utilize it tomorrow, as I'm no good at being a thief myself. Unless it's 1994 again and I'm doing low-end hacking again.
  • I am also pretty smug about the fact that I officially know enough people in Tel Aviv that I can find a free parking space for my temporary auto. The current protexia goes to my Schindler's list friend, Jean. "Jean, klein problem: ich have ein auto fuer die nachste paar woche und brauche dein parkplatz. Efshar?" ...I realize I am getting older when I feel that I've won the lottery by finding a free temporary parking space.
  • I also feel the heat has broken in this lovely beach town. But I believe just as much that it's just my optimism tickling my soul and the only time I'll feel the true coolness is by spreading mint-infused baby powder on my body and standing spread eagle in front of a fan. (something I learned in Thailand).
  • I am still fascinated how Israeli women like their love handles to flow out from their jeans not be bothered by it. Classy.
  • My new apartment has a small patio. We're on the second floor and I spend my days people watching. There are a lot of French people in the area, therefore, a lot of high heels and shiny bodies.
  • I realized for the first time in the history of being the Ginrod, that I haven't planned a trip back to the U.S. Despite being insanely homesick for my mother and brother. A slight reason for it is that I'm not used to being a Jew anywhere but here, I especially don't know how to be a Jew in Tulsa. Another reason is general boredom of the U.S.
  • A haredi boy was forgotten in the Dead Sea and found healthy many hours later. If I was the boys' mother, I would beat my husband.
  • I feel a tad of sleep coming on.
  • I received a lovely cookbook for my birthday. With a pleasant pasta section. Wondering now if I should invest in a pasta machine and become a Pasta Queen.
  • After seeing one picture of India on my roommates computer, I have decided to cease my boycott of traveling to India and will contemplate it now.
  • OK, sleep has arrived. I am ready and willing.


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