Sunday, July 01, 2007


My dream was of velvet lined steps which led into an massive room full of people. I was following a pack of cats. The one closest to me was a majestic lion who always walked in front of the other cats. Beside me was a panther, a white tiger, and a lioness. I got the feeling the building we were in was some sort of hospice. Although no one was dying. There were many terminally ill people of all ages. I was there to find a boy.

The cats were with me to accompany me in this journey. None of the sick patients were scared of these cats, although I thought they would be. The lion kept running ahead and I was always losing him in different rooms as the other 3 majestic cats walked with me.
I've never dreamt of cats before.
Aside from that, I have ended my previous job and begun a new one. All of this change is pretty exciting as I am always happy to have good change vs. bad change.


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