Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hang Me

Tel Aviv heat is excruciating right about now. My list for the week is the following:
1. Move to new apartment.
2. Officially immigrate to this country. Which requires swimming in a plethora of offices tomorrow.
3. Celebrate my 27th birthday.
Today is dedicated to working on step 1. In preparation of my move, I went to approximately 5 stores in front of my neighborhood to gather skirt hangers as my skirt wearing habits have exploded since I became a Jewapino.
Now, when I think of a small clothing store. Well, even a mildly competent human being would be led to believe that indeed, they do carry an extra supply of hangers. After all, clothing must be hung.
All I asked was for plastic hangers with clips. Everyone looked at me like I was asking for their diamonds. It's like going into a box factory and asking if they had extra boxes and them looking at you like you are a crazy mango. How much are hangers? Plastic ones are probably .02443532243 of a cent.
That was the most Jew move I've witnessed in a long time. A sweet Russian lady gave me two. She probably wasn't Jewish.


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