Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer Putzen

The man at the park is back. I made one side note: he's watching the other men on the pull up bars. Today, I packed my camera to catch him in action.
I'm pretty excited about what the summer will bring. A lot of change seems to be happening. But not the shock yourself change that i have become accustomed to. More of the old school Ginrod change philosophy: "The world is my Oyster even if I have to pry it open with a crowbar, even if I have to sink into the deep muscle tissue of the Oyster and get my hands all kinda of slimy to pull out that precious pearl."
One foot is out the door from old habits and I'm planning new ones. I'm looking into my bag of tricks and dusting off some old philosophies to put back on the shelf. I found a piece of my old sense of self and polished it carefully, now it's on the hanger drying itself in the Tel Aviv breeze that is twisting through my apartment.
It's a pretty good time to be a Ginrod.


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