Sunday, June 10, 2007

Outsourcing my boredom.

The heatwave in Tel Aviv feels like a 500 pound gorilla has sat on my back. His hairy fur suffocating me with heat and density. I think he stuck a nostril on top of my head and took away all the fresh air in my body, replacing it with a thick, syrup for breath.
There is a car horn that has been going off since approx 15:09 (it's 16:11 now). I am currently trapped in my jail, i mean cubicle- listening to the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack on my Nano.
Needless to say, If in Israel Sundays are our Mondays, this Sunday sucks a**. I wearily asked a friend if this is what the entire summer would be like. "No, it's 5 degrees hotter than usual, this is an exception" he tries to reassure me. The last time I have been traumatized with such heat was March 2005, Bangkok. I would only leave my hotel to walk to my office or buy a medium-sized Mango-flavored Icee from 7-11. Mango flavored. It was heaven on my warm tongue.
Now I ride the elevator with the fear that the smell of wires burning would leave me stranded in a metal box, with only my dark reflection in the mirror to keep me company.
Did I mention this Sunday has me totally unimpressed? "Bring back my weekend!!@#$%!" my mind echoes into the dark cave of my day. "Give me whiskey and warm kisses and long, afternoon naps" it echoes back to me.
As a friend has mentioned from her box via MSN: "Desk Jobs Should Be Illegal". My only reply: My desk job makes me feel like I have outsourced my self- flagellation.


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