Saturday, April 14, 2007

Riding to Myannmar

Summer and Winter in Israel have come to a Peace Agreement in the last week and agreed that they would allow a form of Spring to take the guest room in seasons. I remember last year's sun being much stronger and the air more heavy. This week, every time the sun is wrapped in a cloud, the air has a chilly cleanliness and I'm not mad at it.
I finally purchased the bike I've been talking about getting for months and ever since, it's been my best friend. I am slightly reminded of endless days in the Peace Corps, with insufficient contact with my peers. I would take my bike and pick a rode and ride until my thighs told me to turn around. I would inevitably run into a hill tribe village and think i found a goldmine until I would see a small tour van of Anglo's riding into the same destination. It was then I realized how many traditions in my province were kept not for themselves, but for the money that came with the tourism. One day, I decided to ride to Burma, actually- one day i started riding and then realized i was 29 kilometers in, why not attempt to make it to Burma. Although i never rode to Burma, i still maxed out at 51 km in one day, luckily the rode was flat.
I've realized the last month has been filled with loads of events. Beginning with a death, two memorials, a new boss at work, a birth, Passover, and following through with my meeting at the Rabbinical court next week as well as the Fallen soldiers/ Israel Independence day. I've had to learn to cope with myself on a week to week basis vs just being me. Until next Monday's appointment, I have decided to ride my bike a lot and reflect enough to know that the last two years has been a recipe meant only for me, and despite the fact that I may possibly be finished with my conversion (I'm not counting on it), it doesn't matter- I'm living the life i chose, with or without being accepted just yet. (nevertheless, I am still one stressed out homegirl!!)


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