Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shabbat Spazieren

There was a sandstorm in the sky today- made one feel a bit drunk with their senses. My temp roomie and I took a Shabbat stroll to the beach.
low and behold.. just down the street from us, was someone's trash which became my very own 5 min treasure.

My Adidas were thrown off as I found my very own pair of Cinderella shoes. Now- Halachichly speaking, it is not wrong to skate, but using anything that could be a form of transportation is wrong. So I figure, a few minutes of reliving my teens isn't SO bad, secondly, since when does one come across a pair of blades that are your size?

me loving my skates, my blades.. i'm so happy. Goodbye Henry. Hello rollerblades.

all the years of street hockey flow into my legs as I show some moves I learned in 1993.
I did in fact injure my bad knee. Because i'm smart like that.

Adios Rollerblades. I'll let the smaller people on my street receive you as a new-used gift.Off to to lie on the beach and observe what a sandstorm looks like from the Sea.


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