Friday, February 23, 2007

My existential crisis I have named Henry has come to a close. My dreams are easily interpreted, and I suppose if my subconscious turned my gowned self around to climb back up the uniquely carved steps, well- maybe my everyday conscious should do the same.
Summer is on her way, she's stopped off in Lod, but is back on the Ayalon Expressway due to arrive any moment in Tel Aviv. I wait for her impending arrival by slipping out of those smoky clubs to grab a cold beer with friends and watch the waves. The light of the airplanes flying in create a faux path of light, as if the sun still left her mark hours before.
Although I will be sleeping in my bed at home. I will be living outside from now on. Meeting girlfriends on the corner in between grocery store visits, on benches with fresh, fruit smoothies. I'd get a dog just to have some more company outside, but roommate says no- and so does my time schedule.
It's time for my mid-afternoon nap.


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