Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My tutor and I finished up the laws of Yechud last night. For my non-Jewish friends, these laws serve as a chastity belt for the Jewish woman. I understand the logic: keep temptation at a distance and you will not be tempted. Apparently Orthodox Judaism didn't include the fact that us women have an imagination that supersedes any logic, rationalism, or religion. It was interesting to see our polarized views.
My tutor sees the man as the tempter, who can convince a women to do things against her will. As she explains the logic- I bite my lip, "You don't agree." she states as she looks up from the book we are reviewing. "I can only speak for myself." I reply, "A man I do not want attention from cannot and has never "convinced" me to act with regret. I see it opposite actually, that women have the capacity to get what they want instead of vice versa."
The Orthodox world is interesting. You have men being taught, that the smooth skin of a women who is not your conservative wife is Lilith in the flesh. And we have women being taught that those hairy beasts we call men only turn into a trustworthy prince when he breaks glass with you. I understand their logic- but it takes the creamy middle of the fact away- of course men and women can be... OK.. I'm gonna say it- Friends. Like I said- culturally, I accept their rationale, it makes sense. And most of the laws naturally are in effect for me, at least in the last 3 weeks, it's not hard to not touch a man or hang out with one, they're so hairy- who would want to? Especially when you're as boring as I. Because no one seems interested in baking cupcakes and learning Latin on Tuesdays.
I have two Goldfish, they have a lot of personality.
So aside from learning I can never touch a man again until I'm 33, I was also relieved to find the Asian sauces I brought from the U.S to cook with have their Hechsher. I also realized that I can hear myself blink when I wear earplugs. What an absolutely fascinating week it's been.
There are also some things I would like to mention for no reason at all (you know the whole Kabballah thing about being careful with your words because it creates a reality?- connecting the spiritual with the mortal life we live and all?): What I would give to come home from a long day and have dinner waiting for me when I put my briefcase down. Preferably, entrecote and a nice salad. Secondly, I must see the Old 97's play live. I'll settle for The Killers or Arcade fire, but my gold is the Old 97's. I just thought I'd throw that out, in case someone who happens to come from a cattle family wants to lend me their private jet to California. It would make a good story- and everyone knows i like a good story.


At 2/05/2007 10:43 PM, Blogger emily said...

i knew you'd long to love and see the old 97's as i have... sadly i have never seen them either. Someday we shall make special plans and it will be both of our firsts!


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