Sunday, December 10, 2006

Prison again

After three weeks of freedom, the serial rapist has been caught. Benny Sela turned into a bit of an urban myth in the conversations of young women in Tel Aviv. "But he's only 5 feet tall" one would say... "yeah, and a black belt in Karate" -we all would reply. "He scaled a wall in handcuffs to escape!!". "But he won't rape you if you fight back..." another would pipe in- "but he'll beat you enough that you'll be in the hospital for days!". The conversation would go silent as we walked about our ways, keep our cellphones near and wondering if the alley cat eating the trash outside was Benny Sela rummaging for women's underwear.
He claims he escaped because of the abuse he suffered in prison.

I hope his fellow inmates read his statements, become outraged and vow to really stick it to him when he returns. I am sure all of his victims will be satisfied to know he's getting roughed up daily.

Aside from that, another weekend was well spent of general loveliness in the world of all that is good. Although if i discussed it in detail, well- I would get into a lot of trouble.



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