Sunday, October 08, 2006


Have I pounded into this blog how the polarization of Israel astounds me? I don't know any person in this country that doesn't walk around with two opinions. I took my fair share of sociology, psychology, philospohy, gender studies, religious theory, business communications, political communications, feminine literature, anthropology, organizational communication, AND zoology classes to always assume I can figure the general behavior of humans out.

Ani lo' Matsli'cha.

I've learned the two step, the 7 step, the e-tick e-tick(Philipino), western swing, lindi hop, Likay (Thai), Fawn dancing, tap dancing, ballet, cheerleading dances, muay thai/western boxing (there's there is a bit of dance in that art) and I still can't move in step.

My head has been pounding with conversation from cafe' break with co-workers. I guess my conclusion is one of those pro-Israel views. Ain't no place like Israel. Where the people walk around with scars as their beauty marks.

My co-worker is madly in love with an absolutely lovely Irish girl. His whole face lights up with glee and fits of passion when he announces to me his decision to take the plunge and "make it work". "I lived in Spain for three years Susi!! For us to be in love there, no problem. For us to be in love here. Big one...she's moving here in two months. What should I do? How do I do it right?" he asks us. Me, the orthodox convertee and my co-worker, the conservative convert. Same religion.. two opposing views. If I began on that explanation. It would be 456 pages long.

Here in Israel, your innocent relationship becomes, religious-cultural-political-stressful-wildly romantic- ironic. You love, You convert, You get a Visa,you..wonder what the hell you're doing.

You're too religious for him, he's not religious enough for you. He's not religious but needs you to convert because his kids "have to be Jewish". She eats pork wrapped in chedder cheese on Tuesdays, but fasts on Yom Kippur. You keep shabbat but you watch TV? You don't touch men, but sleep with your boyfriend, you keep shabbat but you're not jewish. You eat non-kosher food but do Tephillim every morning. You do everything right? You do everything wrong? You challenge one another and play the bad Jew vs. Good Jew game.You want world peace, but you're mad Israel didn't take care of Hezbollah. You trust the IDF but think the leaders are dolts. You work for AOL but use MSN. Then you cover your ears and sing Aladdin songs.

You get a bit more philisophical, but you stopped using other writers qoutes.

The ingredients to your destiny are placed right in front of you, from all the little and big things we call experiences since we were little tigers. It's up to you to utilize what is right there to reach the highest level of your destiny. and in a polarized country, while you are pontificating your destiny, you are also thinking how you shouldn't eat meat late into the evening because it clogs you up throughout your eternal destiny.

I can show you the world.....


At 10/09/2006 7:46 AM, Blogger channahboo said...

Just rub the budda baby... that'll unclog ya! ;)

At 10/09/2006 8:49 PM, Blogger Noodles said...

Love-hate baby


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