Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday night has came and went. With another spoonful of goodness to see my friends and another teaspoon of good times spent. We took a cab home, from a sickly taxi driver who had a scratchy voice and a direction to go. As a couple friends jumped out on the way to taste the tastes of another bar, he let the last friend out and we began to talk.

"So why are you in Israel?" he asks. I sigh, in the back seat, leaning my head on the head rest. "It's been a long night .." I say. He pauses waiting for me to explain. I tell him where to stop and we start speaking. I tell him my story and he listens. "Honestly, Amit.." I start.. " "The more i'm studying, the more i'm living.. and the more i'm feeling a bit more lost". "He nodded in agreement. "Aristotle once said the more you learn the more you don't know... Amit followed. Sounds like your on his path...."

about that time, he pulled his car over. poured a vodka shot and we spoke for another 45 minutes about his family, his life... my philosophies. We spoke until I regarded the time of day to go to bed and let all the contemplations of my mind go to rest. I am grateful for those rare moments of rhetoric with people you don't know... because, as time goes by, sometimes the taxi driver knows more than you.


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