Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Aside from Thursday night (which is the usual Friday night in the west), Tuesday evenings are the only free evenings I have. And if I don't have any hot dinners with a ravishing young man, I usually am found running around a two block radius of my home, running errands.

I have realized the older I get, and the less time I have, I have become more and more anxious with hints of OCD.

I come home, move the coffee table and stretch my right leg out, imitating some Yoga poses the past 6 lessons have helped me remember. Samuel L. Jackson is on Letterman and I am a bit disappointed to hear the title of his latest film: Snakes on a plane.

Downward Dog position. Sam J cooks southern food for his family. Chatarunga. Sam J plays golf in really pretty Golf courses. Virabhadrasana.Sam J's agent wouldn't let him play with real snakes. Trikonasana. Letterman announces that Gnarles Barkley will be performing shortly. I break into doing push ups. I notice all the crumbs on the Red Chinese rug and get the dustbuster. I stop, momentarily captivated by seeing the band on my ipod playing on the TV, I remember to make my weekly soup: Sweet Potato.

Vegetables chopped. I loathe dicing sweet potatoes. I collect the onions, the celery, the carrots, the sweet potatoes, into neat piles on a large platter. I look at the clock. 7:00 p.m. "if i cook now, i'll be in for the night with nothing more to do" I think to myself. I quickly Wash the dishes and slip on a pair of yoga pants and tie the extra key to my waste and take off toward the beach. Ten stairs, up and down I run, stretch on pole, three more I run, skipping every other stair, I tap the steps on the way down and calm my breathing by walking along the beach. Then run back home, jumping over shadowed piles of dog poo and run around couples walking hand in hand. Some teenagers just finished surfing, they have there wet suits on and I wonder if Miami is like this in the evening time. Or are we more California this evening?

My dreams have been a bit bothersome. My subconscious is a bit stressed and I don't doubt the plethora of reasons for it. I dream of sick babies, and of large houses with different rooms, and trying to open the curtains to bring light in. I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head was "How can I visit the Eyals before Shabbat AND buy my needed religious books for the holidays?!" One hour there, one hour to Jerusalem= two hour nap on the bus?

All in all -life has become simple. Yesterday I was interviewed by the army in Jaffo, overlooking the Sea. Jaffo is such a classically beautiful city, the sun beat on my eyebrows as the interviewer asked me if I thought Tsiki would have wanted me to be here, in Israel, doing what I am doing. "That's a pretty loaded question to me" I said. "But i'd say, if he knew what I am doing, he would not at all be surprised". And left it at that.

Got a Shwarma spicy to go and returned to work. I looked forward to this feeling ever since I urgently left Thailand. That feeling, "I'm bored" I say to my friends, instead- I should be saying " I'm content", see the extra pound on the scale? That means I'm satisfied. This week.


At 9/13/2006 10:39 PM, Anonymous Fox Mulder said...

I wish I could say I'm content.
It is good that you can, though.


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